• pesto spaghetti


    Dal Moro's is actually open and serving from 12.00pm to 05.00pm everyday.
    Gianni, Andrea, Romano and Gabriele will welcome you to our FRESH PASTA dimension.
    We manufacture our Fresh Pasta and sauces no-stop.

The first & Original

Since 2012 we have specialized as pioneers of fresh pasta and artisan sauces to give the possibility to anyone who does not need to sit at a table to taste this type of 100% Italian products.

A Small Selection From Our Menu

  • pasta carbonara
  • pesto
  • frutti di mare
  • dal moro

    With Tradition and Passion.
    Homemade for You.

    dal moro

    It is all about the comforts of tradition, health and freshness

    Our vision is to establish ourselves as the number 1 Fresh Pasta take away restaurants throughout the world, providing high-quality fresh pasta meals made with the same passion once used by our predecessors, when both time and love was mandatory for producing great tasting quality food.

    Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta To Go system is the perfect way to start a business in the fast and informal food sector. Being part of our family means a lot: Providing your customers with a 100% Italian product, limiting the costs and using our efficient, simple and innovative techniques.