We buy daily fresh ingredients at the local markets and we transform everything into fresh pasta and homemade sauces. Tradition and freshness are the bases of our cuisine which are inspired by the recommendations of our grandmothers. We remember they told us that when it is fresh it is also healthy. We care about any H.A.C.C.C.P. regulations to guarantee our clientele with the best quality and healthiest food ever.

From our production facility to our locations, our fresh pasta is produced constantly during the service hours fresh and expressly cooked to enjoy the best Italian food experience. Our locations are informal, the perfect place for all social classes and a variety of clientele. Everybody feels home at Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta To Go. We strive to provide a very fast service without lacking quality. Our technologies and know-how are the perfect combinations of fast and quality.


We are a combination of the old world Italian fresh pasta with the new world technology to produce the finest fresh pasta that our grandmothers would be proud of. All our pasta are non-pasteurized, the key to its freshness, homemade taste and unmistakable texture. Using traditional Italian recipes, we create 100% natural, no preservatives added, fresh pasta and sauces specialities.


We mix flour, water and other secrets with our passion for food that comes intact from our deepest Italian origins. Simple ingredients which are transformed into tasty and excellent sauces. Our expertise and deep knowledge of the Italian cuisine tradition allowed us to provide a quality product without breaking your wallet.



Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta To Go system is the perfect way to start a business in the fast and informal food sector. The rationale for business format franchising is that Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta To Go has a highly appealing brand supported by successful, centralised social-media marketing, along with the consistent presentation, standard and quality of the offering. Our management team will do its best to support the franchisees in all their needs, giving them a comprehensive business model which includes the service, branding, marketing, business and strategic planning, operational standards, systems and formats, training and quality control, as well as ongoing guidance and supervision.


After many requests we received from all over the world we are ready to expand our brand and our knowhow. Being part of our family means a lot: Providing your customers with a 100% Italian product, limiting the costs and using our efficient, simple and innovative techniques. From the beginning our company will assist you step by step to understand and build a Dal Moro’s fresh Pasta To Go in your city. Our brand is internationally known and becoming a franchisee you get all the benefits of our reputation.


Since the first day of our activity we produced fresh pasta in front of the customers and homemade sauces offering them in a take away and innovative way. Our brand is proud to announce that we still believe that and the homemade and fresh product can make a difference in the market. first – each Dal Moro's restaurant is therefore designed in an eye-catching style: Our pasta machine is in the window working no-stop. A casual  and trendy visual that attracts customers and allows us to drive viral presentation on social media. 


IIf you want to open a Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta To Go in your territory we are ready to discuss with you about costs and fees. Just get in touch with us to know the formal procedure. We will assist you from the beginning to the end of the franchise opening program. Opening one of our stores means offering the same quality and products we do in our existing locations. The initial investment cost is minimum of 75.000 euro. This amount is not guaranteed and may not be taken as a contractual guarantee from both parts. 75.000 Euro; ROI (Return on Investment): Usually 6-12 months; Royalty fee: 4%; Advertising fee: 2-4%; Average floor space 30 – 100m; Staff required: 3 Persons


  • Our experts will assist you in choosing the right location among the ones you found in your territory;
  • 3d Layout project of the location;
  • Contractual assistance regarding the franchise documents;
  • Assistance in choosing the right equipment (Not included in any contractual cost directly with us);
  • About 1 week Coaching/Training by one of our existing locations;
  • About 1 week coaching/Training by the new location;
  • Technical assistance on the production procedures during and after opening;
  • Standard Operational Procedures manual;
  • Menu development;
  • Brand standards & packaging;
  • Food Safety Policy HACCP.


  • Website and Social Media pages;
  • Presence of the new location in our social media where we will advertise the new opening;
  • Brand book and style guide;
  • Social Media guidelines;
  • Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta To Go newsletter and updates;
  • Digital Marketing and local branding;
  • Development and management of marketing strategies.




  • Website and Social Media pages;
  • Presence of the new location in our social media where we will advertise the new opening;
  • Brand book and style guide;
  • Social Media guidelines;
  • Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta To Go newsletter and updates;
  • Digital Marketing and local branding;
  • Development and management of marketing strategies.
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12 Steps to become a Franchisee

  1. Receive the full Application Form;
  2. Work with a franchise consultant;
  3. Research;
  4. Go to a ‘discovery day’;
  5. Consult other franchisees;
  6. Obtain a franchise disclosure document (FDD);
  7. Sign the contract;
  8. Choose a franchise and secure finance;
  9. Sign the franchise agreement;
  10. Sign the franchise agreement;
  11. Sign the franchise agreement;
  12. Sign the franchise agreement;

Application Form

Food Comes First

Every day, more than 2.000 guests visit Dal Moro's restaurants around the world.

Home-Made Recipes

Fresh Pasta, Drinks and Tiramisù.

A Growing Family

Be part of our Franchise Network and own Part of our Success.

Our Locations

Dal Moro's Franchise Map




Gabiele Dal Moro, Founder of the company in 2012 created the phrase "Fresh Pasta To Go" to be added to his Last Name. From that time on the Dal Moro's Concept and brand started a new era in the food industry. The most copied activity in Venice/Italy and in many other Italian cities and countries. If you want to visit the original Dal Moro's Fresh pasta To Go make sure you will find the original one and not stop by the numerous copies around the city.
Dal Moro's Venice - Calle de la Casseleria, 5324 - 30122 Castello (VE).
After few years the brand Dal Moro's started beeing popular on the main blogs worldwide, Gabriele Dal Moro decided to establish a Franchise Network together with his friend and partner Stefano Rossi. The first franchisee was Mr. Santosh reddy who wanted to open the very first Canadian Location in Toronto. After the success of the first pilot Restaurant he wanted to start his own subfranchise network always under the Dal Moro's Brand. Actually in Canada Dal Moro's is present at:
- Yonge Street 605 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z5
- The Food District 100 City Center Dr Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9
- Yonge Eglinton Centre 2300 Yonge St Toronto, ON M4P 1E4
- Ottawa  8 By Ward Market Square Ottawa, ON K1N 7A1
Caruso's Family first believed in our brand and the possibility to expand our reputation in the USA. They are operating directly 3 restaurants in Florida under our Brand name and they are leading the market of our category in the State of Florida. Actualy they have 3 locations at: - DalMoros St. Petersburg (FL) 653 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - DalMoro's Tampa (FL) 1910 N Ola Ave, Tampa, FL 33602, USA - DalMoro's Sarasota (FL) 309 John Ringling Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34236, USA - DalMoro's West Palm Beach (FL) COOMING SOON - DalMoro's Del Rey (FL) COMING SOON
Frequently Asked Questions

Dal Moro's Franchise Faq

Any previous franchising or restaurant experience needed to become a Franchise Partner?

While we do prefer you to have previous food or retail experience, it is not mandatory. We will provide comprehensive know-how, hands-on cooking training and operational guidance. The motivation and drive of each Franchise Partner is more important than hospitality or retailing experience.

Any support training as a new Dal Moro's® franchise owner?

Each Franchise Partners will receive a comprehensive operational know-how including: 
  • Design and Equipment Manual, Operation Manual, Sauces and Pasta Recipes, Marketing and PR Manual;
  • Cooking Training Videos;
  • Cooking Training Program: 4-5 days hands-on Initial Cooking Training;
  • Grand Opening Support;
  • Coaching and mentoring from a dedicated Franchise Development Manager (FDM);
  • Ongoing phone, video call and on-site field. support 

Are You offering single and multi-unit opportunities?

Yes, we are currently seeking qualified candidates to open Single, Multi-unit and Master franchises.

What are the Entry Fees and Royalty Fees?

Our franchise fees are following: 

 Initial franchise Entry Fee:
25.000 Euro

 Monthly Royalty Fee:
4% of Net Monthly Sales 

 Central Marketing Fee: 
 1-2% of Net Monthly Sales 

How long is the Franchise License Agreement valid?

10 years plus 10-year renewal option.

Any financing offered?

No, we do not provide financing. However, we can help you to prepare and calculate business plans and proposals while you are applying for financing from your local bank or financial institution.

After approval how long before opening?

The opening of each new store varies based on location, fit-out requirements and your business skills. The timeframe on average will take 4-6 month (from which usually 1-2 month are for location search and lease negotiations, and 2-4 months are for re-design and fit-out). 

Will you offer assistance in negotiating leases?

No, we will not help you with know-how and assistance how to negotiate the lease and rental conditions. 

Will I receive guidance on purchasing supplies and equipment?

Yes. Dal Moro's® has a preferred vendor program for supplies, and we will also advise you which types and model of equipment you should buy, so you can obtain it locally for the best price and with local warranty. We don’t want to make money selling you overpriced equipment, like most franchises do.

How do I get started?

Click here to fill out our franchise application form and we will contact you shortly.